TERMATRAC - Termite detection radar

TERMATRAC® T3i is the world’s only device to offer technology capable of detecting and tracking the precise location of termites, without the need to actually drill walls, floors or ceilings, interrupt or disturb termite activity. The radar signals are adjusted specifically to detect and confirm the presence of termites through wood, brick, concrete, plaster, plastic, tiles, carpeting, kitchen units and many other standard building materials and furniture.


Thermal and moisture laser sensor

The distance thermal sensor with the laser guide incorporated into the hand-held TERMATRAC® T3i device carries out a function that is similar to that of a thermal-imaging camera.
It enables operators to use the laser pointer to detect and mark surface temperature changes for each area, a typical sign of termite infestations.
The moisture sensor feature of the TERMATRAC® T3i allows users to identify surface moisture concentrations when inspecting risk areas.



Bluetooth connection and data storage

An application that can be installed in Android mobile devices. The app is FREE-OF-CHARGE and can be downloaded quickly and easily from Google Play.

TERMATRAC® has launched an innovative connectivity system for ANDROID devices that allows users to SAVE and MANAGE the data recorded during inspections. It can also GENERATE INSPECTION REPORTS via a cloud app that are accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.