Over the centuries, wood has remained one of the principal building materials used by humankind. Wood protection should be considered a natural process; indeed, practically all materials require some form of protections.

Odana Fusta analyses, treats and protects wood structures and surfaces. Its mission is to deliver specific solutions to combat those agents that damage wood.


Object and scope of application (UNE 41805-8 IN [Spanish Association for Standardisation])

Building diagnosis - Pathological study of building structures – Wood structures.

The aim is to identify the method for diagnosing the various elements that comprise the skeleton, including mixed wood and brick frames, free-standing structures separate from the wall or moment-resisting frame, provided that said structures are made of entirely or partly of wood.

The process includes a compilation of the most common types of structure featuring this material, and the definition of the various types of damage they may suffer as a result of pathological processes. This includes the deterioration of the structure materials and damage to the actual structure attributable to various causes (e.g., design, project and construction errors, as well as accidental causes, inappropriate use, damage arising from work on other areas of the building and transferred via the dividing elements, etc.)


Caring for the Environment

Efficiency, quality and care for the environment. Odana Fusta delivers first-class specialised services based on the most high-tech, cutting-edge methods.
Personalised, professional and highly skilled solutions for identifying pathologies, treating and protecting wood to make a significant contribution to extending its useful life.